Thursday, 19 April 2012

Vicky's Birthday

We celebrated Vicky's birthday at Jeans last Tuesday and guess who forgot to take her camera???  So, the only card I have to show you is the one I made for her, complete with box!!

I made the flowers using a Marianne die, inspired by some I saw on someones blog, sorry I cannot remember where now and the background was embossed using my new Embossability folder.   I hope either Laurie or Vicky will post the other cards Vicky got on their blog, as they were all                          totally stunning!!           

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Something different from me!

I was asked to make a baby card, something I don't do very often as "cute and pretty" is not my style at all, so this is what I came up with

I stamped the main image at our craft day at  Jeans on Tuesday then this morning my long awaited Memory Box Tessatina Border dropped thru the letterbox, so I had a play, chopped it up a bit and the result is the corner/border above.  I like this idea but I am sure I can improve on it!!!                         

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Linda Brown's tag technique

I promised to show you the fabulous tag that the lovely Lin  made for me at the Bluewater craft show, so here it is:

Then my very good friend Joan,  who went to the show and saw the demo, talked me through Lin's instructions and we produced this one

Then I got up really early the next day, and had another go

These are great fun to do!!  I have always struggled with collage, but Joan and Trudy had made some fabulous backgrounds, stamping various images onto dressmaker tissue patterns, so that was the difficult bit done for me!!  Cheating??  NO!!!  its called "improvisation"!!!!
Thank you again Lin, not only for the fab tag keepsake, but for the inspiration to try something new and exciting xx

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Another Craft Day at Jeans

Another fabulous, fun day with the Swanley Scissor Sisters - sorry you could not be there Laurie, we missed you.  Jean made this fabulous card from all of us  for Lauries new Grandson, Vicky's Great Grandson, who finally arrived last Sunday.  Congratulations to all!!!!

Jean and Trudy have really mastered Lin Brown's tag technique which they saw her demonstrate at the Blue Water craft fair last week (which I missed - boo-hoo - but Lin took pity on me and made a tag just for me , so I will share that with you also later) and kindly passed on their know how - I will post the results later  when my camera has stopped sulking and decided to speak to my laptoip again!!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I have decided to enter a blog challenge - a first for me !!!!

Crafty Individuals are running a challenge chosen by the lovely Malcolm, entitled "Spring"
and I am entering this card, which I have called "April in Paris"

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Been a long time........

Belated Happy New Year to everyone!!!!Sorry for the long gap in posting anything, have had a lot of "stuff" going on and no time for crafting or anything else interesting!!!  However, I did have a fabulous day at Jeans yesterday, where the Swanley Scissor Sisters, minus Laurie, had a a lovely crafty time.  Trudy had been busy altering some Ikea mirrors which she picked up at a boot sale (that girl really does know how to smell out the bargains like no-one else can!!!)

This is her first one, which she intends to put up for sale at her next Craft Fair

There is just so much to see and the finish is simply gorgeous.  Same goes for this one, which was a commission for another crafty friend:

Aren't they just stunning??

Joan had also been busy, working on a canvas, which I absolutely fell in love with (but she still took it home with her lol!!!)

Finally, sommething very different but I think equally beautiful, this lovely framed decoupage arrangement by Vicky, which she has made for her Grand daughters new bedroom!!

I think these illustrate very well what a diverse wealth of talent we have in our little group.

Promise to be back soon and thanks for looking xx

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Craft Barn Candy Blog Candy Give-away

If, like me , you are a follower of the Craft Barn Blog, you have the chance to win this fabulous Blog Candy:

You can find out how to win here  -  Good Luck!!!!