Monday, 24 October 2011

More Birthday Cards

As promised, here are some more of the beautiful cards I got last week.

Here is Laurie's

and the next is Vicky's

Joan made me this lovely Book Card - this is the front cover

and this is the inside

and the back cover

Last, but by no means least, Trudys lovely Birdcage Easel card - it has four little match box drawers in the base, stuffed full of buttons and lovely metal embellishments!

Those are the cards, now for something else very special  -  each of the girls made a decorated initial of my name, which Jean then turned into this fabulous concertina card:

Jean also made the front page:

and Jean also decorated this fabulous box, which it came in:

Told you I was thoroughly spoiled!!!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Blogland Hilda! Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Thanks for sharing the beautiful birthday cards you received. What talented friends you have!
Alison x

Effie said...

We all give in in the end!... Fab cards too.

Angelnorth said...

The Scissor Sisters did you proud - beautiful cards and concertina book! Hope you enjoyed your birthday!

Trudy said...


Laurie said...

Well you seem to be coping I thought you would. Be honest you're enjoying it aren't you.

Glennis said...

Beautiful cards Hilda, thanks for sharing them

Chris said...
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Hilda said...

this is a test post to seee if I can post a link to my friend Laurie's blog

JulieD said...

What a beautiful selection of cards - you have very creative friends! Hope you're enjoying being a blogger! JulieD

Chris said...

Belated Birthday wishes Hilda and your cards are all beautiful. :)