Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Another Craft Day at Jeans

Another fabulous, fun day with the Swanley Scissor Sisters - sorry you could not be there Laurie, we missed you.  Jean made this fabulous card from all of us  for Lauries new Grandson, Vicky's Great Grandson, who finally arrived last Sunday.  Congratulations to all!!!!

Jean and Trudy have really mastered Lin Brown's tag technique which they saw her demonstrate at the Blue Water craft fair last week (which I missed - boo-hoo - but Lin took pity on me and made a tag just for me , so I will share that with you also later) and kindly passed on their know how - I will post the results later  when my camera has stopped sulking and decided to speak to my laptoip again!!


Laurie said...

Missed you too...cant wait to see the card in the flesh, it looks fab !

Marion said...

Many congratulations to Laurie and Vicky on the new arrival and congratulations to Jean for making such a beautiful card. Love to you all,


Lottie said...

Absolutely gorgeous

Sara Sandberg said...

Congratulations on a lovely new baby in the family. I love Jean's card - the colours are lovely, and the more I look at it the more there is to love! :)