Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Another masterpiece from Jean

We had a "Swanley Scissor Sisters" craft day yesterday, and I spied this wonderful creation in Jeans craft room. What a fabulous idea to weave the ribbons through the die cut border, and I love the lattice effect she has created in the centre panel.  The black edging is also a lovely effect, don't you think.  I wanted to learn how to make those silk roses, but we ran out of time, as usual there are never enough hours in the day!!!!


Lottie said...

I am so very very glad that at last you started a blog to showcase not only your gorgeous work, but that of your Swanley Scissor Sisters - so much inspiration on here - so many stunning projects.

Off to add you to my followers list so I don't miss a single update

maggie said...


What a talented group the Swanley Scissor Sisters are.


Sara Sandberg said...

Wow!!! Wow and Wow!! That is just stunningly beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful, totally original creation by the very talented Jean. Stunning!